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Artist Statement

Drawing is fundamental to my work. Instinctively searching for lines and shapes that interest me most I make drawings and paintings directly from the subject with a fresh eye and lively hand. I enjoy the challenge of working to the inevitable boundary of time. Editing intuitively and responding with spontaneous expressive marks to create a vital equivalent.

I work primarily in pastel which links colour with drawing and is immediate, fresh and vibrant. Subject matter frequently dictates the medium I may draw in ink or use watercolours, pastels or oil paints.

I am inspired by travel and new places but equally respond to domestic subject matter; intriguing arrangements and complex interiors are a fascination and of course the ultimate challenge of figures and portraits.  

Studio works are developed from my collection of sketchbook drawings or studies made  en plein air, evoking the essence of a subject by exploring mark, pigment and support.   

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